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Who is this site designed for?


This site is designed for use by anyone traveling or visiting California.  Travelers or tourists of all persuasions should find themselves equally at home here, whether they are hardened backpackers or students on tight budgets, or families on larger ones, skiers, surfers, senior citizens, businessmen.  Although a large number of users will be international tourists, it is anticipated that almost as many will be Americans traveling within their own remarkable country, seeking sound and wide-ranging information for their travels.


Are there any interactive features on the site?


Yes, plenty! The booking and rating mechanisms allow visitors to contact and even rate suppliers. A new forum feature will be released very shortly which will allow visitors to discuss travel issues, post news, recommendations, write reviews and even make friends.  Regular polls and newsletters are also part of the make-up of the site, which visitors are encouraged to participate in.


Will the site change?


Most certainly yes.  Content is always being revised, upgraded and deepened. Feedback is constantly sought from our users as to where the emphasis should be. Contributions and recommendations are welcomed to this end to ensure that the information is fresh and relevant.  In this sense, the site is very different to a traditional guidebook.


I really like this site. Are there others covering other states or countries?


At the moment aguide2california is the first to be unrolled. The launch of its sister site, aguide2florida is scheduled by Q4 2005. Several others are also in the process of development and will be launched during this year. Watch this space for news.


Where should I go?


Well this must be one of the most Frequently Asked Questions of them all! California offers a range of destinations and activities probably unmatched for variety and quality anywhere in North America. Days could be spent looking into them all. If you are unsure then the best thing to do is to browse through our website. Grab a coffee and browse each destination that attracts you. Narrow it down to when you can travel, how much you have to spend etc, use our search facilities. We are certain there will be something to take your fancy. If you’re still stuck you can also put this question to fellow travelers in the upcoming aguide2california forum and you will be sure to get some friendly suggestions.


What future developments are planned?
A whole series of developments are due to come on-stream in 2H2005, including the opening of our sister site, aguide2florida by Q4, an exciting interactive travelers’ forum facility, an upgrade and revision of guide content and downloadable pocket PC guides due in 1H2006.


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