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aguide2california actively promotes its site profile, and has a growth strategy that is designed to grow site traffic in a stable but steady manner over the medium term.  A key component of this strategy is establishment and consolidation of a prominent position on major search engines.  One example of how this can work is shown below.

Using  one search phrase as an example, you can see below a screen shot of its Yahoo! ranking. www.aguide2california.com appears as the top ranked listing on Yahoo ahead of over 44 million other internet sites.  Even the California Travel and Tourism Commission’s own website is only ranked second!


Click here for screen shot (Yahoo)


You can also try this on any number of other search engines, for example Altavista, Overture, Go, Alltheweb.  Alternatively, you can try this on just about any global media network, for example, cnn, foxnews, nbc, abc, skynews and bbc


Furthermore, since our customer base is international aguide2california aims to include extensive coverage of national versions of these search engines, e.g.  MSN UK and Yahoo Germany providing direct access to travelers from these countries.  An alternative screenshot can be viewed below for MSN UK.  The search result shows aguide2california topping the rankings ahead of 33 million other websites on the Californian tourist industry's most common search ('California guide'). Try it here!


Click here for screen shot (MSN)



Overall, aguide2california has well over one hundred front page listings on a full range of international search engines and media networks and this is being added to monthly.



Using an alternative method of targeted sponsored links, you can see below a screen shot of www.aguide2florida.com and its Google ranking.  Again, www.aguide2florida.com appears as the top ranked sponsored listing on Google.



Details of those search engines where we rank highly can be provided to our customers upon request. 


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