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One of the most popular and attractive of Californian destinations, San Francisco has in fact been regularly voted the best city is America to visit.  Its restaurants, museums and nightlife are in a class of their own.  Some obvious highlights are the Golden Gate Bridge, the tour to Alcatraz island, riding the cable car across town, strolling round San Francisco’s own Chinatown district (the largest outside Asia) and spending an evening in North Beach - the Italian District.  There is in fact so much to see and do that the city is almost worth a vacation in its own right.


Fisherman’s Wharf at the edge of the bay is the most tourist-oriented of San Francisco’s locations, and is popular place to eat, stroll and shop.  The area bears little resemblance to its origins as a genuine fishing port, even its population of resident seals - a favourite subject for visiting cameras - seem to have bought into this change. However some traces remain, in particular, the San Francisco excellent Maritime National Historic Park.  If you want to go mainstream, then Pier 39 in the Wharf area is one of the main centers (or culprits - depending on your point of view) for entertainment, restaurants, shops and attractions.


Most visitors make sure they pay a visit to the Golden Gate.The bridge itself is without doubt the most famous symbol of San Francisco, as well as being the most photographed bridge in the world.  Although no longer the longest suspension bridge in the world, it carries a mystique and aura that has attracted visitors for the best part of a century. Fort Point Lookout (south end) is a popular place to view the bridge from and caters well for tourists.  Vista Point (north end) offers equally impressive but strikingly different views. Walking across the bridge is one of the best ways to appreciate its sheer scale and provides some incredible views of San Francisco bay and its islands. For more information about the bridge, you can click here.

Visitors can then make their way to the top of Telegraph Hill where the elevator is awaiting to take you to the top of the Coit Tower where you can enjoy excellent views of San Fran’s impressive skyline. And what about the Chinatown with its tiny shops, wall drawings and excellent restaurants? San Francisco offers a cultural diversity that is reflected in its museums, architecture, art and restaurants.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area, nearly twice as large as San Francisco itself, comprises famous sights such as Alcatraz Island that can be easily seen in a daytrip from the city. Besides this, San Francisco’s perfect location makes it an ideal city from which to explore and enjoy the West coast of the U.S. with its impressive shores, cities and valleys.



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